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This package is recommended for large projects such as an online store, a catalog, or a large corporate website that require regular content replacement, adding, and editing sections of the site. 


Package from 6 months

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Features and benefits of technical support.

Technical support of the site by Waipix studio specialists features and benefits.

For our clients we offer 3 packages of services with monthly payment. You can get acquainted with the services, prices for each of the tariffs on this page. The cost of maintaining the site per month is formed based on the parameters of technical support, which are specified in the tariffs. You get a specialist assigned to your site who will conduct technical support and solve problems that have arisen.

When to order the service?

Technical support of the site is recommended immediately after the launch of the site. We initially recommend that customers order technical support – in this way, it will be possible to avoid unforeseen problems in the operation of the resource, prevent the activities of scammers, the spread of the virus, and a drop in the rating and trust in the project.

This service will be needed both for newly created projects and those who already have a ready-made resource based on WordPress. You can be in any country, and you will always have the opportunity to contact online or call the manager and solve all technical support issues remotely.

Benefits of cooperation with Waipix

► Own manager: a permanent specialist is assigned to your resource, who will advise and solve technical problems.
► The cost of maintaining the site per month – at an adequate price, rather than hiring a staff member.
► Constant monitoring allows you to avoid risks that threaten the performance of your site.
► Prompt elimination of errors and malfunctions in the work of your resource (the solution of critical problems is also implemented outside working hours).
► A wide staff of qualified employees – whatever problem arises, we will help you solve it.

What is included in technical support?

1. Hosting
Studio Waipix helps to quickly respond in case of unforeseen failures in the hosting. Timely contact the technical support of the hosting to solve problems.

2. Domain
Selection, registration or renewal.

3. CMS (management system)
In case of incorrect functioning, due to an accidental oversight of your employee, due to internal malfunctions in the site’s administrative panel or any other problem that has arisen that interferes with work and creates errors – the technical support service of the site will help eliminate bugs, malfunctions and breakdowns quickly, efficiently and reliably.

4. Protection
Unfortunately, projects on the Internet are subject to attack by viruses, hacks, placement of third-party scripts, tricks of intruders and much more. All this affects the download speed, display in search results, the appearance of a warning about the questionable work of the resource and recommendations not to visit it (which is very critical for commercial projects). Our experts will provide effective assistance in solving all security problems.

5. Mailboxes
This is an important component of access to various functions of the resource, as well as the creation of mail with a domain name.

6. Copying
To prevent unforeseen situations with data loss, as well as the termination of the hosting service, we create an additional copy of your resource with its possible re-placement.

7. Monitoring
Site maintenance services provide monitoring of: the availability of a resource on the Internet, hosting restrictions, broken links, testing contact forms.

8. Consultation
An important quality of technical support and maintenance of your resource is available communication and prompt resolution of questions or problems that have arisen.

9. 24/7
Our specialists provide an optimal set of measures aimed at the effective uninterrupted operation of the Internet resource, as well as its support.

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In order to discuss your project and get advice, leave a request so that we can contact you 👇

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In order to discuss your project and get advice, leave a request so that we can contact you 👇

Most often, we call back within 15 minutes.

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